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September 21, 2018

From Mexico: The U.S. – Mexico Trade Agreement Has Been Finally Reached

Source: Marco Reyes or Jose Luis Hinojosa - Andersen Tax & Legal in Mexico, a member firm of Andersen Global

The process of renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) began on August 16, 2017 with an expectation to be concluded in seven rounds by the beginning of 2018. After a year of talks between the three countries involved (U.S., Mexico, and Canada), on August 27th, an agreement between U.S. and Mexico was finally reached (known as the U.S. - Mexico Trade Agreement).​

September 14, 2018

Andersen Global Announces New Board of Directors for Europe

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global named the members of the European Regional Board of Directors. This regional board will advise the global organization on issues critical to the continent to ensure that the group is working in a seamless way across the different countries of the region, practice areas, industries and also on the management of common protocols.

September 12, 2018

Mark Davies & Associates Partner Recognized by Spear's Wealth Management Magazine

Source: Mark Davies & Associates, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global

Mark Davies, Partner and Founder of Mark Davies & Associates Ltd, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global, has been highlighted by Spear's Wealth Management Magazine as one of the top 10 private client accountants in the United Kingdom. Spear’s is a wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand that has established itself as one of Europe's leading media authorities.

September 6, 2018

Andersen Global Announces Professionals Highlighted in International Tax Review

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce that a Partner from Andersen Tax & Legal in Portugal, a member firm of Andersen Global, and a Partner from A2Z Tax & Legal, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global, have been named top tax leaders in their regions by the International Tax Review (ITR). ITR provides tax professionals with up-to-date news and analysis service in regards to cross-border tax issues. 

August 31, 2018

From the United Kingdom: Harsher Penalties for Non-Compliance with Goods and Services Tax (GST) Requirements When Importing Services and Digital Products into Australia

Source: Roger Bevan - RBC VAT Limited, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global

From July 1, 2018, low value goods costing AUD 1,000 or less supplied to Australian consumers by retailers located in the UK and all other overseas jurisdictions will be subject to Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This change is designed to restore a level playing field for Australian retailers and represents a significant overhaul of the current situation for non-resident businesses.

August 30, 2018

From Luxembourg: Luxembourg Implemented a VAT Group Scheme

Source: Christel Begué or Michael Probst - BA Tax Accountants, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global

As a reaction to the recent Court of Justice of the European Union judgments limiting significantly the scope of the VAT exemption for supplies of services to the members of an independent group of persons, Luxembourg has introduced a VAT group scheme by amending law of August 6, 2018 into its VAT legislation. The VAT group regime entered into force on July 31, 2018.

August 24, 2018

From India: Declaration of Significant Beneficial Owner - New Regulations

Source: Suraj Nangia - Nangia Advisors LLP, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global

In an attempt to address the global issue of money laundering, bribery and corruption, insider dealings, tax fraud, terrorist financing and other illegal activities, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), based on the recommendation of the Financial Action Task Force, an intergovernmental organization, has notified the provisions of Disclosure of Significant Beneficial Ownership of Companies.

July 12, 2018

Andersen Tax & Legal Debuts in Ecuador

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global solidifies its growing presence in Latin America with news that the Andersen name will debut in Ecuador, today unveiling Andersen Global collaborating firms Profile Cia, Ltda. and FIDESBURó Cia, Ltda. adopting the name Andersen Tax & Legal and transitioning to become a member firm of the international organization.

May 15, 2018

Andersen Tax & Legal Adds Location in Monterrey, Mexico

Source: Andersen Tax & Legal in Mexico, a member firm of Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce a new presence in Mexico through the expansion of Andersen Tax & Legal in Monterrey, an industrial and multi-sectorial city. Monterrey is located in the northeast of the country and is well-known as the industrial capital of Mexico.

April 17, 2018

Andersen Global Announces Expansion in Argentina

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global announces its presence in Argentina with Modo, a leading tax & legal firm in Buenos Aires. The establishment of a Collaboration Agreement with Modo continues Andersen Global’s expansion within Latin America.

April 12, 2018

Andersen Global Continues its Expansion in London

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global heralds further growth in the United Kingdom (UK) with the signing of a Collaboration Agreement with Mark Davies & Associates, a London-based award winning tax practice focused on advising international clients on cross-border matters. 

April 10, 2018

Andersen Tax Launches in Kenya

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce the debut of the Andersen name in Kenya as Nexus Business Advisory Limited, a tax and business advisory firm based in Nairobi, becomes a full member firm of Andersen Global. 

April 9, 2018

Fischer & Schickendantz Highlighted in Búsqueda

Source: Fischer & Schickendantz, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global

Fischer & Schickendantz, a collaborating firm of Andersen Global, was mentioned by Uruguayan weekly newspaper Búsqueda. The article discusses the firm’s integration into Andersen Global and highlights Juan Federico Fischer, one of the founders of the firm.

March 12, 2018

Andersen Global Continues Expansion in Germany with Berlin Office

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global continues its expansion in Germany as a new office in Berlin opens, joining the existing Andersen Tax & Legal team in Germany, effective March 1, 2018. The Berlin office will be the sixth location of Andersen Tax & Legal in Germany and includes more than 60 professionals in the offices of Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, and Merzig.

March 8, 2018

Andersen Global Initiates Expansion in the United Kingdom

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce its expansion in the United Kingdom through a Collaboration Agreement with a leading VAT firm in London, RBCVAT Limited. The firm, led by Roger Bevan, is a significant addition to increasing Andersen Global’s platform in this key market in Europe.

March 7, 2018

Andersen Global Names Board of Directors for Latin America

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce the appointment of the Latin America Regional Board which will assist the global association in continuing its unprecedented growth on the continent by providing advice and guidance on issues critical to the organization’s success.

February 1, 2018

Sümeyye Zullo Joins Andersen Tax in Turkey as a Corporate Finance Partner

Source: Andersen Tax in Turkey, a member firm of Andersen Global

Andersen Tax in Turkey announces the addition of Sümeyye Zullo as a Partner in the Istanbul office. She has been working as a corporate finance specialist for 10 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate finance matters including company valuations, intangible asset valuations, sell-side and buy-side M&A advisory, spin-offs, mergers, IPO, bond offerings, and privatizations. 

January 15, 2018

From Germany: Hermann Knott Panelist at M&A Conference

Source: Andersen Tax & Legal in Germany, a member firm of Andersen Global

The International Bar Association and M&A Law Committee will be hosting a conference in Mumbai, India on the topic of "Mergers and Acquisitions in India: New Opportunities and Challenges in a Dynamic India." The conference will take place on March 9-10, 2018, and will bring together some of the world's leading practitioners to explore the M&A market in India. 

January 11, 2018

Andersen Global’s Continued Growth

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global’s continued growth, integration of services, and strategic build-out with like-minded, synergistic individuals and firms has allowed us to truly become a global firm.

November 28, 2017

Andersen Name Debuts in Turkey

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce the debut of the Andersen name in Turkey as member firm, NAZALI Tax & Legal, will officially adopt the Andersen name in January 2018. 

November 26, 2017

An Interview with Olaleye Adebiyi, Andersen Tax in Nigeria

Source: CNBC Africa

In an interview with CNBC Africa, Olaleye Adebiyi, the Country Managing Partner of Andersen Tax in Nigeria, provides insight into Nigeria’s 2018 budget and tax matters. He offers his input into the country’s plan to finance the budget next year.  

October 23, 2017

Expats Living in Portugal Grow 44% and It’s Only Because of Taxation

Source: Nuno de Oliveira Garcia - Andersen Tax & Legal in Portugal, a member firm of Andersen Global

This special Portuguese Expat framework (aka non-habitual residency) allows high net worth individuals, as well as investors and retirees, to pay a reduced tax rate of 20% for personal income tax (PIT) purposes on their Portuguese source income, and still benefit from a full exemption on foreign source income, for a period up to 10 years. 

October 19, 2017

Andersen Tax Launches in Canada

Source: Andersen Global

Andersen Global is proud to announce the launch of the Andersen name in Canada as SdM Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. formally adopts the name Andersen Tax. 

September 29, 2017

Nuno de Oliveira Garcia Selected as a “40 Under Forty” Winner

Source: Iberian Lawyer

Iberian Lawyer, a prestigious magazine in Europe, hosts an awards ceremony each year to celebrate the top 40 Iberian lawyers. Nuno de Oliveira Garcia, Partner and the Head of Tax at Andersen Tax & Legal in Portugal, has been announced as a 2017 winner.