Lena Hamdi

Lena Hamdi

Managing Director/Partner

Lena Hamdi is a Partner at Andersen Tax & Legal in Egypt and leads the firm’s Global Relations department. She has experience in employment law and companies law.

Lena has considerable experience drafting and reviewing complex employment agreements and participating in negotiations on behalf of employers.

In her position as the head of the Global Relations department, Lena acts a first point of contact for foreign investors looking to enter the Egyptian market. As such, she has extensive experience providing market entry strategies and investment advise, including but not limited to company formation and shareholder structuring.

Lena has acquired experience handling cross border transactions and assessing overlapping legal obligations, allowing her to provide seamless services to foreign clients looking to navigate through the Egyptian market.

Throughout her years of practice, Lena has developed a varied client portfolio, allowing her to gain experience in an array of fields such as renewable energy, ICT, tourism and textiles.